August 14, 2016

Finest Hour 173, Summer 2016

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The Duke and the Prime Minister

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA,— I enjoyed very much Aissa Wayne’s story about her father’s admiration for Winston Churchill. By coincidence I am working on a story about my late friend William Manchester as he recovered from combat wounds in Hawaii at the end of the Second World War. The tale may or may not involve John Wayne. I will keep you posted as research continues.
—Paul Reid, author of The Last Lion: Defender of the Realm

Allen Packwood OBE

The Queen’s Birthday Honours list included recognizing the work of the Director of the Churchill Archives Centre at Cambridge University with the award of Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Well-deserved congratulations and praise swiftly followed.

2024 International Churchill Conference

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Many Will Cheer

CROOKHAM HILL, KENT—Dear Allen, I was thrilled to see you have today received your very well deserved OBE.  This is such good news.  There will be so many who will cheer and be delighted you have been properly recognised. Many congratulations to you and all your team at the Archives. For me one of the many highlights was your leadership and commitment to Churchill 2015.
—Randolph Churchill

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY— Dear Allen, I write to add my own delighted words to what will surely be a swelling chorus of acclaim and celebration. This is marvelous news, and the honour so richly deserved. I hope it will give you even more pleasure than it will give your many friends, of whom I am proud and privileged to count myself as one. Hurrah, bravo, and a million congratulations.
—Sir David Cannadine

Allen’s reply and splendid suggestion:
CAMBRIDGE—Thank you all so much. I think we all deserve honours and should institute the Churchill Order of the Golden Cigar.
—Allen Packwood

A tribute, join us




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