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LETTERS – Finest Hour 171

Finest Hour 172, Spring 2016

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Dervish Drawings

FOLSOM, CA—I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the latest issue of Finest Hour. I was very struck by Angus McNeill’s period artwork on the cover of a Dervish spearman. I loved it as well as seeing more inside. Once I receive a copy, I read it from cover to cover and enjoy every minute. I learned two new things: that Leo Amery also was a correspondent during the Boer War and that WSC went back to Cuba in 1946. I also enjoy the Chartwell Bulletin, which now includes the Churchill Quiz. —Beth Krzywicki

“Books in All Their Variety”

MONT-SAINT-AIGNAN, FRANCE— Thank you for the increasingly comprehensive coverage of new Churchill books. I have just gone through those in FH 171 and found great pleasure and interest reading them. How informative to read reviews of biographies of Churchill’s colleagues! —Antoine Capet

Churchill in Schools

LONG ISLAND, NY—I teach global studies at Longwood High School in Middle Island. I really, really like Churchill. I share my obsession with my students as I teach about his speeches, decisions, and career. He is the epitome of how one person can set in motion a chain of events for good in the face of very evil men and very bad odds. He made sure that Britain had its finest hour during its darkest time.

Thank you, too, for the lessons, video clips, articles, and speech excerpts that are readily available on the The Churchill Centre’s website. I have used many of them with my high school students. —Jeanne Knudsen

The Churchill Archives Online published by Bloomsbury Press is made free to schools around the world thanks to a generous donation by The Churchill Centre’s Chairman Laurence Geller CBE

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