February 13, 2015

Finest Hour 162, Spring 2014

Page 9

ROME, NOVEMBER 15TH— A reader asked about a framed page of an old street directory in the Hotel Smeraldo in Rome. It bears the name of Winston Churchill on one corner, but otherwise offers no connection to him. What, he asked, could it signify?

Our Italian correspondent, Patrizio Giangreco in Naples, investigated: “The page hangs there because the hotel is located in via dei Chiodaroli, a street next to Campo de’ Fiori, a famous and fascinating Renaissance square in Rome’s historical centre. A beautiful square dedicated to Sir Winston is located at the edge of Villa Borghese, a less ancient but very enchanting place.” Mr. Giangreco sent photos of Piazzale Winston Churchill, “a little square at the foot of Parioli’s Hill. The square is dominated by the British School in Rome, which I think probably had something to do with naming it in honor of Churchill.”

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