June 28, 2013



With this issue Curt Zoler concludes over 900 questions and answers produced for this column since 1997. Thanks Curt for your outstanding dedication. Our new columnist is James Lancaster.


National WWI Museum and Memorial, Kansas City

2022 International Churchill Conference

Join us at the National WWI Museum for the 39th International Churchill Conference. Kansas City, October 6-8, 2022

Questions on contemporaries (C), literary (L), miscellaneous (M), personal (P), statesmanship (S) and war (W) arranged in four sets of six.

1615. On HMS Duke of York in December 1941, which male shorthand writer accompanied Churchill? (C)

1616. Of whom did Churchill write in Great Contemporaries: “A carefully marshalled argument, cleanly printed, read by him at leisure, often won his approval and thereafter commanded his decisive support”? (L)

1617. Who was the first chairman of the Dardanelles Commission? (M)

1618. What offices did Churchill say he would accept when Asquith decided to form a Coalition in May 1915? (P)

1619. Churchill’s trip to Turkey in January 1943 was camouflaged by what deceptive announcement? (S)

1620. In February 1915, while Churchill was waiting for ships to assemble for the Dardanelles, what merchant shipping problem distracted his attention? (W)

1621. Which of Churchill’s colleagues commented, when discussing the Dardanelles and Turkey’s possible defeat, “It would be an outrage to let the Christian holy places…pass into the possession or under the protectorate of Agnostic Atheistic France”? (C)

1622. Which member of Churchill’s family wrote a book on WSC’s adventures during the Boer War? (L)

1623. Who was the Sponsor at the christening and launch of USS Winston S. Churchill on 17 April 1999? (M)

1624. How much did Churchill’s salary drop when he left the Admiralty in 1915: by one-fourth, by one-half, or by more than one-half? (P)

1625. In January 1943, when Gen. Alexander visited the American front lines in Tunisia, why did he ask WSC to send the best British officers? (S)

1626. What was the target of British-based U.S. bombers on their first major raid on Germany, in January 1943? (W)

1627. Who in Churchill’s family was assigned to report on the German rocket and flying bomb programs? (C)

1628. Which staunch Liberal Unionist and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster wrote to Churchill that he did not agree with his views but sincerely congratulated him upon his merits? (L)

1629. Where did Churchill and his family spend Christmas of 1942? (M)

1630. In a darkest moment of the war, 27 April 1941, Churchill ended his broadcast with a poem beginning, “For while the tired waves, vainly breaking….” Who was the author? (P)

1631. What was “Operation Mincemeat”? (S)

1632. In December 1941, what date did WSC visualize for the Anglo-American invasion of Europe? (W)

1633. Who was the Irish Unionist leader in the Commons from 1910 to 1921, who ensured the exclusion of Ulster from the Irish Free State? (C)

1634. Who was the Mountbatten family official historian who wrote a book on the “Triumphs and Tragedies of the Churchills”? (L)

1635. What uniform did Churchill wear when he and de Gaulle reviewed French troops at Marrakesh on 13Jan44? (M)

1636. What was Churchill’s code-name on his trip to the first Quebec Conference in August 1943? (P)

1637. What was the code-name for the operation to capture Rhodes and other islands in the Aegean? (S)

1638. What did Churchill offer to General Sir John French on 17 February 1915 which upset Kitchener, the Minister of War? (W) 

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