November 23, 2022

By Robert Mack

Defiant, you riled against the vicious herd,
When all around you scoffed:
“He’s such a shameful brute,
Preaching war for his own gain.”
But you knew what was what.
You knew well where evil lay in wait.

Alone, you fought them in the mighty halls.
You told them truths they would not deign to hear.
Til when they failed,
You took the floundering wheel
From their old, shaking hands
And steered that Royal ship,
A ship you loved and served so well.

You raised the British lion from its knees
To staunchly fight again against despair.
You kept that fire of freedom from dying fast.
You led your people with your rousing words
And with the wisdom of your loyal soul.

2024 International Churchill Conference

Join us for the 41st International Churchill Conference. London | October 2024

How painful is it now
To see your image dissed.
When those erasing what you were
Don’t know what you did
Or what you mean.
How stupid are they now
Who tear you down from squares,
Who wipe you clean from history’s past.

Still, there are those who cherish what you did,
Who look to your wise heart
When fate looked grim.
Dear Winston, we will never let you die.
Know this you maddening world:
We’ll keep our Winston vivid
In our minds
And in the minds of those yet to be and yet to know,
And always, always in our hearts.

A tribute, join us




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