February 26, 2023

The World of Churchill Collectables: Caricature Postcard


The illustration on this postcard was created by the famed British illustrator, Bert Thomas. Thomas began his career in 1905 as an illustrator for Punch, finally retiring in 1948. He is well known for his caricature illustrations depicting Tommies of the Great War in various aspects of daily life. In 1919, at the close of the war, Thomas created a series of lithographed caricature illustrations of noted politicians of the day, including Winston Churchill.

At the time Churchill served as Minister of War and Air in the coalition government of David Lloyd George. Thomas titled his Churchill illustration, A Young Man in a Hurry at Odds with the World. Although it is more than 100 years old, the caricature is still very popular and has been reproduced as a poster and—more recently—as porcelain figure, both for the tourist market.

This card is a period item and was printed by Odhams, Ltd of London shortly after Thomas unveiled his lithograph series. The card is from an era of Churchill’s public service during which very few items directly related to him were produced. It is difficult to find and popular amongs collectors. If you discover one in your travels, please know it makes a fine addition to any Churchilliana collection.

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