April 30, 2022

Golden Anniversary of Recognition of the Birthplace of Jennie Jerome in New York

Fifty years ago, Winston Churchill’s daughter Sarah represented him at a ceremony in Brooklyn, New York for the unveiling of a plaque on the house where Winston’s mother Jennie was born on 9 January 1854. Sarah wrote her father a description of the festivities.

It was a charming ceremony with lovely speeches of tribute to your beautiful Mama and to yourself, and I as proud granddaughter unveiled the plaque with the President of the Borough. About 1,000 people crowded into the narrow street and there were lots of children all let out of school for the half day.

I thanked them on your behalf and said that I knew you would have been touched at their kind tributes to your mother and yourself and would be anxious to see the plaque the next time you visited these shores.

A tribute, join us




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