January 25, 2020


The most recent issue of Finest Hour focused on the theme “Churchill’s Cold War” and included text from the famous “Iron Curtain” speech that Winston Churchill delivered at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri in March 1946. This heavy paper tag was issued to allow the bearer entry onto campus but not necessarily the speech itself. It would have been worn suspended from a button hole. Many such tags were saved, but what makes this one rare is that it was issued to a student, Frank M. Holt. Westminster College only had 212 students in 1946.

This was one of the most historic days in the college’s history, and the pass certainly reflects that fact. There were many other items made in recognition of this important day; there is also a button that was worn at the event. Additionally, there were three different colours of pennants that were used to designate seating at the speech. Finally, there was a special map of the Westminster campus provided free of charge by the American Automobile Association. These items will be featured here in future columns.

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