June 30, 2019

September in London & October in Washington

The International Churchill Society initiates its new Young Churchillians program this fall with two exciting meetings, one on each side of the Atlantic. The first meeting will be in London on 25 September and feature as speaker the Antarctic explorer Louis Rudd MBE. The second event will take place in Washington on 28 October at the National Churchill Library and Center as the first event for this year’s international conference.

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Randolph Churchill (great grandson of Sir Winston) will host the London meeting at Boisdale Canary Wharf on the evening of Wednesday, 25 September. Louis Rudd, the speaker, is one of just two men ever to have completed a solo unsupported crossing of Antarctica—and he did it with some Churchillian inspiration as he will relate.

Edinburgh Castle

2023 International Churchill Conference

Join us for the 40th International Churchill Conference. Edinburgh Scotland, 5-7 October 2023

Tickets include a champagne reception, three-course dinner (inspired by Sir Winston’s favourite dishes) with wine, to be followed by DJ Bruno playing the Best of British after-dinner music. 

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The Washington meeting will be on the evening of Monday 28 October, and will be the first event of the 36th International Churchill Conference. For more details about the conference and pricing, please CLICK HERE.

The Young Churchillians are a group of professionals under age 35 with an interest in history, politics, current events, and business. They join members of the Churchill family to celebrate Sir Winston’s extraordinary life and contribution to modern civilization as well as understanding his continuing relevance today. The goal of the group is to inspire and motivate the next generation of leaders.

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