December 9, 2018

The newest edition to our Finest Hour Extras page is a study of Winston Churchill fighting on the Western Front during the First World War by Professor Antoine Capet of the University of Rouen. During the first half of 1916, Lt.Col. Churchill spent twenty-three weeks commanding the 6th Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers in the trenches near the Franco-Belgian border. But he was no ordinary officer. Prof. Capet examines both the myths and the realities.

The rich abundance of material received for publication by the International Churchill Society exceeds the space we have in our quarterly print journal Finest Hour. Fortunately, can accommodate all stories that might not fit the theme of any issue of Finest Hour but which are certainly worthy of the reader’s attention. We are happy to present these under the heading Finest Hour Extras,

To read the complete article about Churchill the “Poilu,” Please CLICK HERE.

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