August 13, 2018

The rich abundance of material received for publication by the International Churchill Society exceeds the space we have in our quarterly print journal Finest Hour. Fortunately the ICS website can accommodate all stories that might not fit the theme of any issue of Finest Hour but which are certainly worthy of the reader’s attention. We are happy to present these under the heading Finest Hour Extras, and there have been two recent editions to this page.

Fred Glueckstein tells the little-known story of how during the Second World War Churchill supported a proposal to present a copy of the Magna Carta as a gift to the United States government. This was in March 1941, months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, when the Lend-Lease program was being considered by the United States Congress.

Larry Schwartz, meanwhile, compares the structure of Churchill’s speeches with those of another great orator from history, Cicero. This is a fascinating study coming as it does at the same time that the Royal Shakespeare Company is presenting an epic two-part, six-hour play about the life of Cicero based on the novels of Robert Harris.

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