February 11, 2018

Undergraduate courses on Winston Churchill are lamentably rare, but one of them is currently on offer at the George Washington University, home of the National Churchill Library and Center. “Churchill’s World” is taught by Professor Dane Kennedy of the History Department, with the assistance of NCLC Director Michael F. Bishop, who will serve as an occasional guest instructor. The class meets weekly in the Reading Room of the NCLC.

Students are reading works by historians such as Paul Johnson, Jonathan Schneer, and John Lukacs, as well as many by Churchill himself. They will make use of the online Churchill Archive, available at the NCLC, and other digital databases. Students will be graded on their class participation, oral presentations, a term paper, and other assignments.

The class size is limited to sixteen students to facilitate better discussion; many more students wished to register but were turned away. The popularity of the course demonstrates a strong interest in the subject of Churchill, and the International Churchill Society encourages other colleges and universities to offer similar classes. We are very pleased that the success of the NCLC encouraged Professor Kennedy to offer this interesting and well-received opportunity to study the life and career of Winston Churchill, and his impact on British and world history.

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