January 7, 2017

Former Commander in Afghanistan and CIA Director is Inaugural Speaker at the National Churchill Library and Center in Washington, D.C.

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The National Churchill Library and Center at The George Washington University hosted its first major event on December 16: an evening with General David Petraeus. Before a capacity audience, General Petraeus engaged in an hour-long discussion with NCLC Director Michael F. Bishop about his conversations with President-Elect Donald Trump; current foreign policy challenges; and the legacy of Winston Churchill. He also took audience questions.

General Petraeus remarked that he was proud to “walk point” as the NCLC’s first distinguished guest, and declared himself a “cautious optimist” despite the many challenges facing the United States.

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The event was introduced by GWU President Steven Knapp, who hailed the NCLC as “a crucial resource for our students and faculty, but also for scholars and interested citizens from around the world,” and recalled Churchill’s observation that “Nothing makes a man more reverent than a library.”

The discussion with General Petraeus was covered by C-SPAN. To watch the video, please CLICK HERE.

In the months to come, the NCLC will host similar discussions with novelist, peer, and House of Cards creator Michael Dobbs; UK Ambassador to the US Sir Kim Darroch; former MI6 chief Sir John Scarlett, and other distinguished guests. To keep informed of coming events, register for updates at www.winstonchurchill.org.

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