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There are tens of thousands of pages in the Official Churchill Biography—but what if you are looking for specific information on Gallipoli? Enigma and the German plans to invade Britain? Churchill’s relationship with Clementine, with Halifax, with Pétain, with Stalin, with “Admiral Q”? How to know where to look, which volume of narrative, which edition of documents, to find the characters and events that spanned Churchill’s life, those he touched, those who worked with him, those he influenced? If you have the book, you could look it up in the Index. But which volume—which volumes—cover it? And taken altogether the Indexes for the complete biography runs to 711 pages—a weighty tome in itself!

Churchill’s vast world as defined, explored, developed and elucidated in Martin Gilbert’s multi-volume Churchill biography are now available and searchable online—through the itemized and creative indexes he himself compiled after having written each book. Now, through a collaboration with RosettaBooks, the ebook publisher of the Official Churchill Biography, the indexes of Sir Martin’s volumes are posted on Sir Martin’s website:

The Indexes can be found in two ways: the most direct is from the Book Collections menu that says Book Indexes:

There you will find a list of Sir Martin’s books that have Indexes posted on the website, beginning with the Churchill multi-volume biography. Underneath each book title is a link to the Book Index pdf.

MG-with-Index-cards001-2Martin Gilbert’s original indexIf, however, you are browsing the webpages devoted to each book, and suddenly wonder whether this particular volume has anything about the preparations for the Somme offensive or the D-Day landings, an “Explore the Index” link will open up to a new page with the pdf Index.

With either of these two approaches, the Index for that volume is in front of you, and then, with a “Search or Find” check, you can search the Index for whatever piques your interest.

The Indexes are not included in the ebook editions of the Churchill biography (they are of course in the print editions) so these pages on the website can also be used in conjunction with reading them on an e-reader.

Imagine 711 pages of Churchill Biography Index at your fingertips! Everything you wanted to know about Churchill—but did not know where to look.

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