July 10, 2015

Major Donation by The Churchill Centre’s Chairman Provides Free Access to Churchill Archives Online for Secondary Schools

c4sLaurence Geller CBE, the Chairman of The Churchill Centre has made a major donation that enables elementary, middle and high schools around the world to obtain a free access to the digitized archives of Winston Churchill published online by Bloomsbury Press. The Churchill Archive for Schools provides an expanding range of classroom-ready resources specially written and developed by leading history educators to support the teaching of History at the secondary level. Mr. Geller stated that “the project has been literally decades in conceptualization and that this is just the very beginning of a program that will have a widespread impact on secondary education.” To visit the site, please CLICK HERE.

The site is freely available to all. Resources included are based around four broad themes:

     • Key developments in modern British and Empire history
     • Key developments in modern world history
     • Anglo-American relations in the twentieth century
     • Churchill: discussion, debate, and controversy

Within these overarching themes, “investigations”—in the form of challenges or questions—have been prepared to introduce students to archive sources. The investigations—or document-based questions—are all written by authors who are experienced educators and are designed to engage and excite as well as inform and challenge. Each contains six to eight documents from the Churchill Archive, together with background information, to help students interpret the sources, and to understand and answer the investigation. The website also provided resources for educators to guide and advise their students.

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Key features include:

  • In-depth source analysis, with detailed help and commentary provided by experienced history educators
  • Clear guidance, tips and approaches to help interested in history
  • Encourages students to engage with documents, and to see history as personal and accessible
  • Equips students with the essential skill-set for the practice of history, including problem solving and lateral thinking
  • Suitable for use with classes, groups of students or individuals, with a range of investigations for different needs and audiences

The Churchill Archive for Schools offers an expanding range of specially developed materials to support the teaching and learning of History at secondary level. It covers a wide range of topics central to modern British, empire and world history. These topics are central to UK history courses including the National Curricula for History at Key Stage 3, all GCSE and A Level history courses and Scottish Highers. The topics are also applicable to Advanced Placement courses in English and World History in the United States.

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