December 31, 2014

Interactive Application Spotlights Key Decisions in Churchill’s Life

downloadAvailable now from the App Store ($3.99), Think Like Churchill is a new app for iPhone and iPad featuring London Mayor Boris Johnson. Developed by Hodder and Stoughton, Think Like Churchill puts users in the shoes of Winston Churchill and enables them to experience some of the dilemmas he faced throughout his career.

The application covers major political choices, including the Dardanelles campaign, as well as personal moments from Churchill’s life. Johnson guides users, narrating the opening and closing sections of each dilemma and providing historical context. Illustrated as an animated graphic novel, the app combines Churchill’s own words with archival material to show the complexity of his thinking. At the end of each scenario users are asked what they would do in Churchill’s place with each decision being measured to see if their thinking process is similar to that of the former Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson said: “The story of Winston Churchill’s life shows that one man can make a difference. He wasn’t always right, but his mixture of brains, brawn and guts enabled him to take difficult decisions quickly. This app takes you into his thinking process and helps to reveal the nature of his leadership genius. I have no doubt Churchill would be a man for apps of all kinds.”

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