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The Churchill World Stamp Catalogue now available online.
Allied-Planning-Conference-Algiers-4-June-1943Author Celwyn Ball at the back beside the door
Churchill World Stamp Catalogue: A review of postage stamps commemorating Sir Winston Churchill by authors Celwyn Ball, Patricia Ball and Alison Ball. 

The Churchill World Stamp Catalogue is an extraordinarily detailed work that spans the globe in its detailed look at Churchill-inspired stamps. The 218-page volume is already noted for its thorough, comprehensive, and educational look at 526 stamps from 150 nations that have produced stamps in honour of Winston Churchill’s contribution to history.

The publication is written, edited and co-produced by the husband, wife, and daughter team of Celwyn Ball, Patricia Ball and Alison Ball.

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The Churchill World Stamp Catalogue includes colourful images of this collection of stamps and is complete with accompanying, informative notes. The result is a fitting tribute to a courageous man who left an indelible mark on the world – and who continues to inspire leaders worldwide. All aspects of Churchill’s long and active life are reflected on the stamps in the catalogue: Prime Minister, parliamentarian, war correspondent, writer, painter, speaker, cigar smoker, award recipient, and popular target of political cartoons.

This book reflects Celwyn Ball’s life-long interest in both stamp collecting and Winston Churchill. His comprehensive knowledge of the subject and his extensive collection of philatelic material related to Churchill have created a book that should be included in the library of every serious Churchill collector.

Mr Ball has held executive positions in several Churchill Societies since 1983 and has written articles about Churchill stamps for The Churchill Centre’s Finest Hour magazine. In 2002, he received the Blenheim Award, which is “A special recognition of those who have notably contributed to the memory of Sir Winston, our understanding of his life, and/or the Churchill Centre and Societies.”

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Photo: Allied Planning Conference, 4 June 1943. Courtesy of the ©Imperial War Museum. 

From left to right: Mr Anthony Eden, General Sir Alan Brooke, Air Chief Marshal Tedder, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, General Alexander, General Marshall (USA), General Eisenhower and General Montgomery. The Prime Minister, Mr Winston Churchill, who presided over the conference, is seen at the centre of the group.

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