July 21, 2012

New National Churchill Library and Center project receives local chapter and matching donations. Is your chapter next?

Library-and-CenterThe Churchill Centre’s Chicagoland Chapter recently made a contribution to the new National Churchill Library and Center fundraising effort in the name of a longstanding member of their chapter.

A donation was made personally by chapter Co-Presidents Phil and Sue Larson and matched in-kind by the local chapter.

The generous donation was made in the name of “Miss Kitty” Kathleen Fairchild, who died last month at the age of 91. She was a World War II British Navy veteran and longtime resident of Oak Park; a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. She had the distinct pleasure of hearing Winston Churchill speak in person on several occasions and she frequently attended local chapter events.

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Recently in Washington, D.C., The Churchill Centre held the most successful fundraising event in its history. If you or your chapter would like to consider assisting in the fundraising endeavor for the new National Churchill Library and Center project, please contact The Churchill Centre’s Executive Director Lee Pollock at 1-312-658-6027 or [email protected].

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