June 20, 2011


By Phil and Sue Larson

On June 8, 46 intrepid Churchillians met at Maggiano’s Oak Brook, IL for a chapter meeting. The outside temperature was 95 degrees and the venue was without air conditioning in the assigned room. With the fortitude of true Churchillians, we charged forward. Brian Shaw, President of the George C. Marshall Foundation in Lexington, VA spoke to the group on the theme “With Affection and Admiration: The Letters of George C. Marshall and Winston Churchill”.

Brian’s powerpoint presentation was informative and thought provoking. It elicited some excellent questions from the gathering. Also in attendance were Lee Pollack (Executive Director TCC-US), Dan Myers (COO TCC), Richard Marsh (Chapter Head Ann Arbor, MI) and guest Eugene Beiriger, PHD (Associate Professor DePaul University of Chicago).

Following the discussion, the group adjourned to a fully air conditioned room for an Italian feast. The group will meet again for the WSC Birthday celebration Dec 9 at the Chicago Union League Club with Dr. John Maurer (Chair, Strategy and Policy Deptartment, Naval War College, Newport, RI) as featured speaker.

A tribute, join us




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