May 25, 2010

Dallas, Texas, 22 May 2010

The Emery Reves North Texas Churchillians met for a great evening of food and fellowship at the lovely Park City Club of Dallas. The speaker for the evening was Mr. Randall Baker of the New York Churchillians. Mr. Baker spoke about the significence of May 10, 1940 when Sir Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of Great Britain. His message was clear about the great leadership of Churchill during the war and what he meant not only to Great Britain but to the western allies as well.

Mr. Baker then proceeded to show the group some rare film footage of the state funeral of Sir Winston taken in 1965. The film followed the funeral procession from Saint Paul’s Cathedral to the banks of the Thames River and the loading of the casket on board the boat Havengore for it’s journey to Wellington Station. The film was in black and white but it was just like being there. Also during the film, the narration was provided by Sir Robert Menzies, former Prime Minister of Australia, and further on during the film by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The words of these two great men were very touching in their memories of Sir Winston. The film showing the funeral procession advancing through the streets of London displaying the huge crowds which lined the streets as the military bands played and soldiers filed past in perfect order in respect for this great man. It was very moving indeed.

After the film, Mr. Baker gave a brief discussion of the Polo event that has been held in Greenwich, CT for the past two years and how the Polo teams battle for the Churchill Cup. Plans are being made to possibly hold this event again this year. Mr. Baker has been one of the most important organizers of this event in the past.

Everyone enjoyed the film and the presentation and plans are being made for the next meeting in November.

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