October 30, 2021

A Conversation with Catherine Grace Katz

How does a young author navigate writing her first book? Catherine Grace Katz is a writer and historian from Chicago. Last year she published her first book, the critically praised Daughters of Yalta, which has just been published in paperback and tells the story of how Sarah Churchill, Anna Roosevelt, and Kathleen Harriman assisted their fathers at the seminal World War II conference. This year Catherine co-hosted the International Churchill Conference in London (pictured above).

Catherine graduated from Harvard in 2013 with a BA in History and received her MPhil in Modern European History from Christ’s College, Cambridge in 2014, where she wrote her thesis on the origins of modern counterintelligence practices. After completing her education, Catherine worked in finance in New York City before a very fortuitous visit to the book store in the lobby of her office in Manhattan led her to return to history and writing. She is currently pursuing her JD at Harvard Law School.

Join us online for a conversation with Catherine about the remarkable start of her career on Wednesday, 10 November 2021 from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. To register for this free event, please CLICK HERE.

You can buy the paperback of The Daughters of Yalta here.

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