The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT) was set up when Sir Winston Churchill died in 1965 as his national memorial. WCMT carries forward his legacy by funding up to 150 British citizens each year from all backgrounds to travel overseas to gain knowledge, experience and best practice to inspire positive change in their UK professions and communities, and society as a whole.

Successful applicants must demonstrate the commitment, the character and the tenacity to travel globally in pursuit of new and better ways of tackling a wide range of challenges facing us today, and upon their return work to transform and improve aspects of today’s society. Applications open annually in May, with proposals invited across a range of different areas of research, or categories. WCMT’s Advisory Council carefully selects these categories according to the challenges currently facing UK society. WCMT partner with other charities and organisations who have expertise in areas in which they are funding Fellowships, offering successful Fellows active networks of relevant professionals with whom to share their findings, and exchange ideas and best practice. Churchill Fellows come from all over the UK and from many different backgrounds. No qualifications are required. These opportunities are available to all UK citizens resident in the UK over the age of 18. What Fellows share is a passion to make a difference and a desire to share their passion to inspire others. WCMT also funds up to 10 undergraduate bursaries at Churchill College Cambridge, as well as an Archive By-Fellowship at the Churchill Archives Centre, each year.

Visit the WCMT website for more information.

Address: 29 Great Smith St, Westminster, London SW1P 3BL
Telephone: +44 020 7799 1660



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