June 18, 2008

Highlights of Winston Churchill’s Life

  • Youth: 1874-1900
  • Young Statesman: 1901-1914
  • The Challenge of War: August 1914-1916
  • The Stricken World: 1917-1922
  • The Prophet of Truth: 1923-1939
  • Finest Hour: September 1940-1941
  • Road to Victory: 1942-1945
  • Never Despair: May 1945-1965
  • Immortal

Winston Churchill enjoyed one of the longest and most interesting lives of any person who has ever lived. From his birth at Blenheim Palace on November 30th, 1874, to his death at Hyde Park Gate in London on January 24, 1965, his life was one of action, controversy, setback and achievement. It was never dull.

There are a number of very good biographies about that life, the most thorough being the outstanding eight-volume official biography by Martin Gilbert, Winston S. Churchill, plus the (fifteen volumes and counting) Companion Volumes of letters and documents.

Action This Day, named for the famous stickers Churchill attached to his memos, provides a quick outline of the essential dates of this remarkable life. Its sections are aligned with the volumes of the Official Biography. Articles published in Finest Hour are referenced throughout.

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