March 14, 2023

Long-time ICS member Randall Baker passes away at 62.

A long-time supporter of the International Churchill Society, Randall Baker, passed away in New York on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

Bob Randall Baker, born in Willcox, Arizona on October 16, 1960, passed away after an extensive illness at the age of 62.

Baker spent much of his career in the fashion industry in New York, where he lived with his wife Elena, representing a variety of brands and travelling the world. He was passionate about history, with a particular interest in the US Civil War and the Second World War. He was, for many years, co-president of the New York Churchillians, a chapter of the International Churchill Society.

Randall was a graduate of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and a avid supporter of the USC Trojans football team.

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Randolph Churchill commented on behalf of the Churchill family:

‘Randall was a total Churchillian stalwart. He led the New York Churchillians with such pride and enormous gusto. For many years, he held court appropriately at the 21 Club, and he took care of chapter members and all of our family.

Randall was a friend & compatriot in New York. He helped the International Churchill Society raise significant charitable sums from the Winston Churchill Polo Cup in Greenwich, Connecticut, which were incredible days out. All who attended have great memories of Randall making these days happen. Davidoff, Graff and other merchants attended, and they dazzled in every way.

Our family is so grateful to Randall for all he did with the support of his wife, Elena. We all miss him greatly.’

In honour of Randall, a dear friend and great Churchillian, British MP Nigel Evens (Member for the Ribble Valley) will say a private prayer in the British House of Commons and light candles in Westminster Abbey in London. A fine tribute that would no doubt please Randall immensely.

Family services will be announced at a later date. The funeral arrangements are being organized by:

Westlawn Chapel & Mortuary Inc
105 S Arizona Ave
Willcox, AZ
+1 520-384-2413

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