April 6, 2015

Get your digital copies of the eight-volume Winston S. Churchill

8 Never-DespairThe Churchill Centre is pleased to announce that the Official Biography, Winston S. Churchill, is now available for download on Amazon’s Kindle.

Rosetta Books along with Hillsdale College has published all eight volumes of Winston S. Churchill in digital format, bringing this highly acclaimed masterpiece firmly into the 21st century. The volumes are all now fully searchable and include the ability to bookmark and make personal notations throughout. You can easily return to your favourite passages time after time, online, in your browser or on any device.

You even don’t need to own a Kindle! The Kindle Reader app is available on most platforms*. Set up an account on Amazon.com and the download the Kindle Reader.

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The authors of the official biography of Sir Winston Churchill, his son Randolph and then later Sir Martin Gilbert, had the full access to the complete archive of Sir Winston’s letters and papers.

The eight-volume work details Churchill’s youth and early adventures in South Africa and India, his political career, and his more than fifty years on the world stage. Through the work, assembled over the course of more than twenty years, one is able to know Churchill in a way never before possible.

You can read more about the official biography here.

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