August 17, 2010


The Society. Progress is being made in appointing Trustees and creating committees. Newly appointed Trustees are Paul Courtenay, Scott Johnson and Tony Woodhead. The first committees, now being created, and respective chairmen are:


  • Member Relations – Scott Johnson
  • Finance/Audit and Governance – Tony Woodhead
  • Education – chairman not yet appointed
  • Events and Fund-Raising – chairman not yet appointed
  • Academic/Publications/Finest Hour and Notice Board – Paul Courtenay


2024 International Churchill Conference

Join us for the 41st International Churchill Conference. London | October 2024

Please note that the provisional list of TCC-UK officers on page 2 of FH 147 has been overtaken by events; but the official address of TCC-UK remains at PO Box 1915, Andover, SP10 9EE; 01264-889627; [email protected].


Membership Secretary. Brian Singleton has retired after four years’ service: the thanks of the whole Society are due to him for his exemplary and dedicated tenure of office. This role has now been taken over by the Secretary, John Hirst, whose contact details are: Stone End House, The Old Bakery, Silver Street, Stevington, Bedford, MK43 7QN; 01234-825212; [email protected].


Recent Events. A busy weekend in early May was successfully staged. On Friday 7th the AGM took place at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, when the Committee was dissolved, its duties being transferred to an enhanced Board of Trustees under the chairmanship of the Hon Celia Sandys; on Saturday 8th (the 65th anniversary of VE-Day) a well-attended visit to the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge took place and David Reynolds gave an absorbing talk on the events linking the early years of WSC’s premiership to the eventual triumph; on Monday 10th (the 70th anniversary of the start of WSC’s coalition premiership) a special luncheon at the Churchill War Rooms took place, at which Sir Martin Gilbert gave a riveting hour-by-hour account of the events of that momentous day in 1940 – Lady Soames and eight other members of the Churchill family attended, as well as TCC members from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Portugal.


General Election. This took place on 6th May. Congratulations to members Eleanor Laing (Epping Forest) and the Hon Nicholas Soames (Mid Sussex) on their re-election; and especially to member Jack Lopresti (Filton & Bradley Stoke) on his election for the first time. Jack, a member of the TA, recently completed a five months’ tour with 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery in Afghanistan.


Conferences. The 2010 conference, which had been planned to take place in Washington DC, has had to be postponed till March 2011 and will now be held at Charleston, South Carolina; the 2011 conference will take place in London in the autumn of the same year, a little later than usual – dates to be notified as soon as they are fixed.



WSC Birthday Reception. The date for this annual event – usually at the end of November – has not yet been settled and will be sent to those members with E-mail addresses as soon as possible; those without E-mail who wish to receive early notification, i.e. before the publication of the next Notice Board three months from now, are asked to submit their names to the Secretary for this purpose.


Chartwell Bulletin. This is now published by TCC monthly on-line. It will be sent automatically to those members whose E-mail addresses are held by TCC; alternatively, it can be found by googling Chartwell Bulletin.


Battle of Britain Concert. This event, marking the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, will take place at Chartwell on Saturday 4th September from 6 pm till 9 pm. Tickets cost £32 and can be obtained on-line by googling Battle of Britain Concert.


Books. 2011 should see the appearance of two important new editions of WSC’s books (fuller details will be circulated nearer to publication dates):


*The River War. Published in 1899, but never issued since that date except in heavily abridged form; unless you have access to a first edition, which will now cost over £5,000, you will never have read the complete text – some 30% having been deleted from later editions. The publication of Professor Jim Muller’s wonderful new version of the original text, plus very much more, will be a significant literary milestone and mark the end of his 22 years’ labour in pursuit of the finite record.


*Great Contemporaries. The first edition in 1937 contained essays on 21 individuals; the second edition of 1938 was supplemented by a further four. Jim Muller’s new version will be further extended by five more essays by WSC on noteworthy people, making 30 chapters in all. Over 1,200 highly informative footnotes will overcome the modern reader’s unfamiliarity with personalities, contemporary events, literary allusions etc.


Subscriptions. Despite appeals to members to ensure that their subscriptions paid by standing order must be updated to cater for the increase notified 16 months ago, many have paid no attention; this can only lead to one outcome – cancellation of membership. Please make this the last occasion when this regular reminder is necessary.


Editor: 01264-889627 [email protected]

Secretary: 01234-825212 [email protected]






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