May 21, 2020

Memorial Day is a time for reflection; a day to acknowledge the sacrifice made to preserve our freedoms by past generations. This year it is given added resonance by the struggle against Covid-19 and the toll it is taking on the most vulnerable in society and those who are fighting to save them.

Can you lift the spirits of those around you? Can you provide the words to help get us through these dark days? Just as Churchill’s oratory helped inspire the fight against fascism, we invite you to come up with your own words of inspiration to help guide people through this pandemic. The winning entry will receive $10,000 for a hospital, hospice or healthcare organisation of the winner’s choice.

Entries can take the form of 300-word text files or short one-minute videos. Details can be found here.

2024 International Churchill Conference

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Can you do better than these excerpts from existing entries?

… We are faced now with the decision: do we cower before this virus, or do we rise up against it? Our goal must be the utter eradication of this disease, and the restoration of life. We must fight this virus at home not just for our own sake, but for the sake of every person who graces this Earth. 

…This is not the first time or the last that our great country has fought to overcome adversity but eighty years ago we were aware of our enemies. Now, we are working together in the world to overcome and hopefully destroy this terrible disease and together we must and will do this.

…My call to action to all is to look upon these crazy, challenging unpredictable times with an attitude of gratitude. Filter through your world with a lens of appreciation. Choose to light up a room when you enter. Be that beacon of light for others to follow. Appreciate first responders and their tireless efforts to heal and save. Remember Churchill’s words, with this transformed perspective of our current situation: “The will to live triumphed.”

A tribute, join us




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