December 7, 2020

Dr John H. Mather was for many years a huge figure in the International Churchill Society, working alongside such notables as Richard Langworth CBE of Hillsdale College, who was formerly editor of Finest Hour; Andrew Roberts, author of Churchill: Walking With Destiny (pub. Penguin Books); Dr Allister Vale and John Scadding, authors of Winston Churchill’s Illnesses 1886-1965, (pub. Frontline Books Pen & Sword, 2020).

At a personal level, John was my expert medical advisor on the health of both Lord Randolph Churchill and Sir Winston Churchill for The Churchills A Family Portrait, (Celia and John Lee, pub. Lume Books, London, March 2021).

John founded and was for a time, President of the Churchill Society of Tennessee,  a post at his retirement which he handed over to Pipe Major James Drury.

2024 International Churchill Conference

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John had trained at the Middlesex Hospital in the UK as a doctor and then moved to the US, where he lived and practised in Franklin, Tennessee. In March 2018, he organised a two-day Churchill conference in Franklin, enlisting a variety of speakers on practically every important topic relating to Sir Winston Churchill’s life, and where Randolph Churchill was guest of honour. His work for the furtherance of the good name of Sir Winston Churchill is too numerous to articulate here.

Having succumbed to a sudden heart attack, John passed away on the night of December 5, 2020. This champion of immortalising the name of Churchill will be sadly missed by all his friends. May he rest in peace.

Celia Lee

To read the official obituary and for updates on the funeral arrangements, please visit the website of the Churchill Society of Tennessee.

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