September 6, 2021

Join us today and help keep Churchills memory alive

The International Churchill Society (UK), formerly The Churchill Centre (UK), is a registered charity that was established by Deed of Trust in 1988. The society was set up to provide a forum to bring together all those with an interest in commemorating the life and advancing the legacy of the celebrated British statesman Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), who led his nation to victory during the Second World War and inspired the world with the power of his words.

As Sir Winston Churchill passes out of living memory, the current Trustees, led by the UK Chairman Lord Marland, are determined to ensure that his name and his values are passed on to successive generations. It is a membership organisation, linked to the Churchill Centre in the United States, and to other Churchill organisations worldwide, but it is also an educational charity which is sponsoring the ESU Churchill National Public Speaking Competition, and played a key role in facilitating the Churchill 2015 programme to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Churchill death.

The Society endeavours to raise the awareness of the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill with the following programmes:

  • Bring Churchill into classrooms through involvement in the Pentland Churchill Design Competition
  • Support of public speaking competitions at Blenheim Palace and Chartwell
  • Sponsoring the ESU Churchill National Public-Speaking Competition
  • Organised the 33rd International Churchill Conference in the UK
  • Staged Churchill debates in partnership with the London School of Economics and has hosted other events around the country

Here you can find contact details for our Executive Staff and the list of our Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors. Here is a list of all of our chapters around the United Kingdom.

Join The International Churchill Society (UK) here. If you would like to find out more about The International Churchill Society (UK), you can do so by emailing our membership secretary.

A tribute, join us




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