February 24, 2019

Opening March 5, 2019

How would you depict that concept on a 6” x 6” canvas?

America’s National Churchill Museum at Westminster College, together with every school district in Callaway County, Missouri, is planning a community art project to explore the idea.

When Sir Winston Churchill delivered his historic address at Westminster College on March 5, 1946, he coined the phrase “special relationship” referring to the alliance between Great Britain and the United States.  

For Churchill, alliances were critically important. His Fulton speech, now known at the ‘Iron Curtain’ speech, was given the title “Sinews of Peace” by Churchill. Sinews are tissues or tendons that bind muscle and bones together. They make us stronger. So do alliances and special relationships. 

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As part of its 50th-anniversary celebration in 2019, the National Churchill Museum has invited all K-12 public and private school students from Mid Missouri to paint or draw the concept special relationship. Some will choose to explore the relationship between parent and child, some have chosen to explore the relationship between community and commerce, still others the relationships we have with our neighbors, pets, churches, schools, or civic organizations. These relationships are sinews making us a stronger society. 

Together with brief artist statements, the completed artworks – over 4,000 – will be photographed, numbered, and documented digitally for global distribution.  The works will then be installed and exhibited in a grand mosaic of special relationships in America’s National Churchill Museum to open on March 5, 2019, the anniversary of the “Sinews of Peace” speech.

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