January 1, 1970

In 1909, Churchill’s first child, a daughter, was born: “the Cream-gold Kitten” or “Puppy Kitten” (“PK”) as she was called. She married John Bailey in 1932, but divorced him only three years later. She very quickly married Duncan Sandys, in September 1935, a Conservative MP who became one of Churchill’s few loyal supporters in the ‘wilderness years’ of the late 1930s. Together they had a son, Julian, in 1936, and daughters Edwina in 1938 and Celia in 1943. She served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service during the War. That marriage, too, ended in divorce in 1960. Diana had suffered several nervous breakdowns and she eventually died, before her father, of an overdose of sleeping pills in 1963 at the age of fifty four.

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