January 1, 1970

Songs are a key part of life and tradition at Harrow and are sung every term and as a whole School. ‘Churchill Songs’, a key event in the school’s calendar, is held every Autumn term in honour of Churchill.

Harrow schoolboys sing ‘Forty Years On’, the main school song, which features a verse about Churchill (heard in the film, Young Winston). The song is sung at the end of any ‘Songs’ but the ‘Churchill’ verse is only sung once a year at the ‘Churchill Songs’ event.

Click here to listen to the song as performed at the 50th anniversary ‘Churchill Songs’, Royal Albert Hall, 1990.

The original ‘Churchill’ verse, written and sung to him on 12 November 1954, was:

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Sixty years on – though in time growing older,

Younger at heart you return to the Hill:

You, who in days of defeat ever bolder,

Led us to Victory, serve Britain still.

Still there are bases to guard or beleaguer,

Still must the battle for Freedom be won:

Long may you fight, Sir, who fearless and eager

Look back to-day more than sixty years on.

This verse was sung on 28 November 1964 for Churchill’s 90th birthday:

Blazoned in honour! For each generation

You kindled courage to stand and to stay;

You led our fathers to fight for the nation,

Called “Follow up” and yourself showed the way.

We who were born in the calm after thunder

Cherish our freedom to think and to do;

If in our turn we forgetfully wonder,

Yet we’ll remember we owe it to you.

A tribute, join us




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