March 28, 2017

The George Washington University (GW) formed a philanthropic partnership with the International Churchill Society to establish the National Churchill Leadership Center (NCLC) at GW, formerly known as the National Churchill Library and Center. Housed on the first floor of the Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library, this is the first major research facility in the nation’s capital dedicated to the study of Winston Churchill.

As both scholar and statesman, Winston Churchill is an inspiring figure for his leadership and his diplomacy. The new Center, through its collections, interdisciplinary academic programs, and educational exhibits, will offer GW students, faculty, researchers, and the public the opportunity to examine the life and legacy of Churchill. The Center endeavours to:

  • Endow a program fund to support a robust schedule of lectures, conferences, symposia, publications, research grants and other activities.
  • Raise funds for the next phase of expansion of the facility.
  • Endow the Director position, so that our future fundraising can concentrate on education and programming.

This new facility includes all the elements we have longed for so many years:

  • A major collection of books and other material by and about Churchill.
  • Free digital access to the Churchill Archives at Churchill College Cambridge, an essential tool for the study of Churchill’s life.
  • A custom-designed reading room and library to accommodate students, teachers and scholars from Washington, all of America and around the world.
  • The beginnings of an important research collection, highlighted by Churchill’s Second World War Engagement Diary Cards, the only contemporaneous record of his day-to-day activity from 1939 to 1945. This complete collection has never before been available to the public or scholars and the originals will be supplemented by high-resolution digital scans posted online.
  • State of the art exhibit space for temporary and permanent displays highlighting Churchill’s life and the continuing relevance of his legacy.
  • A 15-foot wide touch screen media wall for interactive exhibits, presentations and other high-tech applications.
  • Office space for the permanent Director of the NCLC and Executive Director of The International Churchill Society and for visiting scholars and researchers.
  • Above all, a location in the heart of our nation’s capital a block from a Metro station and easily accessible to students and teachers from around the country, to professionals in the diplomatic and policy communities and elected and appointed government officials.

The first phase of the National Churchill Leadership Center officially opened on October 29, 2016. To learn more about how to support this important initiative, please contact the National Churchill Leadership Center at (202) 929-0309 or [email protected].

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