December 5, 2023

Our Mission

By celebrating the timeless values of Sir Winston Churchill, ICS will embolden all generations to understand the historical context of his life and defend, enhance, and promote the values he embodied: freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Our Strategy

ICS promotes scholarly research, open debate, and action in support of freedom, democracy, and human rights.

    Our Goals

    • To educate and inspire present and future generations to be outstanding leaders in their fields through the example of Sir Winston Churchill.
    • We actively address contemporary issues to embolden current and future leaders to protect and promote these values in a complex and dangerous world.

    Our Principles

    • To invite the world to engage in Churchill’s multi-faceted legacy, whether through leadership, politics, war, oratory, history, biography, literature, art, science, technology, and culture.
    • We acknowledge that opinions on Churchill’s legacy may differ and welcome open debate rooted firmly in the historical record.

    A tribute, join us




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