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Books, Arts, & Curiosities – “A Bloody Awful Row”
Finest Hour 181, Summer 2018 Page 48 Review by W. Mark Hamilton Stephen Roskill, Admiral of the Fleet Earl Beatty:[...]
By BRIAN KRAPF This jug depicting a seated Winston Churchill is a classic item that has found its way into[...]
Truman’s Thoughtful Gift
By TIMOTHY RILEY One of the lesser-known stories surrounding Winston Churchill’s March 5, 1946, visit to Westminster College, where he[...]
Finest Hour Extra
The latest in our series of online specials is a tantalizing tale about what might have been. In the spring[...]
Meuse-Argonne Offensive
By WINSTON S. CHURCHILL On 26 September 1918, American forces in France under the command of General John J. Pershing[...]
Their Finest Hour
Winston Churchill married Clementine Hozier on 12 September 1908 at St. Margaret’s, Westminster. As is well known, the marriage proved[...]
Churchill in Williamsburg, 2018
The full schedule is now available for the 2018 International Churchill Conference to be held in Virginia’s historic Colonial Williamsburg,[...]
The International Churchill Society’s First Fifty Years
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 10 By David Freeman This is the 180th issue of Finest Hour. The operating[...]
Churchill on Foot—13 & 14 December 1899
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RAF Centenary
Finest Hour 181, Summer 2018 Page 50 By Robert Courts Roberts Courts is Member of Parliament for Witney. The Mall[...]
Churchill’s African Journey
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 20 By Fred Glueckstein Fred Glueckstein is a frequent contributor to Finest Hour and[...]
“Winston Has Gone Mad”: Churchill, the British Admiralty, and the Rise of Japanese Naval Power
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 23 By John H. Maurer John Maurer is the Alfred Thayer Mahan Professor of[...]
A Regency Fit for a King: Churchill Visits Athens, December 1944
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 28 By Christos Bouris Christos Bouris is a postgraduate student in the faculty of[...]
Churchill on the Pitch
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 32 By Paul Trevillion Paul Trevillion is Artist in Residence at the National Football[...]
“School Display”: Churchill’s First Published Work
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 34 By Fred Glueckstein Fred Glueckstein wishes to thank Miss Tace Fox,  Archivist and Record Manager[...]
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 38 Timothy Riley is Sandra L. and Monroe E. Trout Director and Chief Curator[...]

Winston S Churchill

19 May 1927

'I have always been very much struck by the advantage enjoyed by people who lived at an earlier period of the world than one’s own. They had the first opportunity of saying the right thing. Over and over again it has happened to me to think of something which I thought was worth saying, only to find that it had been already exploited, and very often spoiled, before I had an opportunity of saying it.'