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By BRIAN KRAPF This unique piece is an original 5 x 7 inch pencil sketch executed by Labour politician Hugh[...]
Two Dukes in the Family
John Wayne and Winston Churchill were related. Wayne, whose real last name was Morrison, was a fifth cousin twice removed[...]
Ferguson Speaks!
On 20 March, famed historian Niall Ferguson, Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, joined Executive Director Michael[...]
Churchill without Tears
Lawrence M. Kryske, Churchill without Blood, Sweat, or Tears, Homeport Publishing, 2017, 156 pages, $15.99. ISBN 978–0692940174 Review by DAVID FREEMAN[...]
Lady Randolph’s New Play
A play by Winston Churchill’s mother finally received its world premiere at Churchill College on May 12th. “Between the Devil[...]
Churchill 2018
Registration continues for the 2018 International Churchill Conference, which will be held in Virginia’s Colonial Williamsburg next November 9–11. This[...]
Cohen Corner
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 34 Ronald I. Cohen MBE is author of A Bibliography of the Writings of[...]
Books, Arts & Curiosities – The Heroic Memory
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 40 The Memorial Addresses to the Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Society, Edmonton,[...]
Books, Arts & Curiosities – Saddle Up
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 41 Brough Scott, Churchill at the Gallop, Racing Post Books, 2017, 229 pages, $34.95/£17.99.[...]
Books, Arts & Curiosities – Fine Furnishing
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 43 Anthony Seldon with Jonathan Meakin, The Cabinet Office 1916–2016: The Birth of Modern[...]
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 32 “Add my most loyal salutations to you-know-who and tell him I’m going to[...]
Books, Arts & Curiosities – Man of the Hour
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 38 Nicholas Shakespeare, Six Minutes in May: How Churchill Unexpectedly Became Prime Minister, Harvill[...]
Books, Arts & Curiosities – Daemonic Duo
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 39 Barry Gough, Churchill and Fisher: Titans at the Admiralty, Seaforth (UK) and Naval[...]
Action This Day
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 36 By Michael McMenamin 125 Years ago Winter 1893 • Age 18 “Distinctly Inclined[...]
Books, Arts & Curiosities – The Clattering Train
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 44 Peter Clarke, The Locomotive of War: Money, Empire, Power and Guilt, Bloomsbury Press,[...]
Books, Arts & Curiosities – Road to Hell
Finest Hour 179, Winter 2018 Page 45 Anita Leslie, Train to Nowhere: One Woman’s War, Ambulance Driver, Reporter, Liberator, Bloomsbury[...]

Winston S Churchill

19 May 1927

'I have always been very much struck by the advantage enjoyed by people who lived at an earlier period of the world than one’s own. They had the first opportunity of saying the right thing. Over and over again it has happened to me to think of something which I thought was worth saying, only to find that it had been already exploited, and very often spoiled, before I had an opportunity of saying it.'