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“The Last of the Romans” Herbert Henry Asquith
Finest Hour 188, Second Quarter 2020 Page 12 By T. G. Otte T. G. Otte is Professor of Diplomatic History[...]
Stanley Baldwin and Winston Churchill
Finest Hour 188, Second Quarter 2020 Page 22 By Philip Williamson Philip Williamson is professor of History at Durham University[...]
A Difference Between Natures
Finest Hour 188, Second Quarter 2020 Page 28 By Stuart Ball Stuart Ball is Emeritus Professor of Modern British History[...]
By BRIAN KRAPF This four-inch square paper decal features the Big Three and is a rare surviving souvenir of the[...]
Churchill Style
Ninety-six years ago this month, at the end of January 1925, the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s official residence at No.[...]
Churchill Society Grows
The International Churchill Society (ICS) continues to grow as online events and activities became the new norm in 2020 and[...]
Free Churchill Book
Review by ALLEN PACKWOOD War and Peace in Twentieth-Century Britain: Studies in Memory of Paul Addison is edited by Antoine Capet[...]
Churchill at Chartwell
Join International Churchill Society Executive Director Justin Reash and Chartwell Property Curator Katherine Carter as they discuss the key role Churchill's[...]
Omdurman Panorama
Conservation efforts are underway to restore the Omdurman Panorama, which was painted in 1901 for the World Trade Fair in Glasgow[...]
Iron Curtain Speech 75th Anniversary
America’s National Churchill Museum will commemorate the 75th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s “Sinews of Peace” address, commonly known as the[...]
LETTERS – Finest Hour 187
Finest Hour 188, Second Quarter 2020 Page 05 Coming in Finest Hour 189: Churchill and Scotland ALEXANDRIA, VA—Your fascinating story[...]
Finest Hour 188, Second Quarter 2020 Page 08 By Fred Glueckstein Fred Glueckstein is a frequent contributor to Finest Hour[...]
From the Editor
Finest Hour 188, Second Quarter 2020 Page 04 By David Freeman, April 2020 This issue commemorates the eightieth anniversary of[...]
By BRIAN KRAPF The current Finest Hour (Fourth Quarter, 2020) focuses on Churchill’s vast literary accomplishments. Included within are two very interesting articles, one by Ronald I. Cohen MBE and the[...]
Churchill Style
By BARRY SINGER In December 1905, the new Liberal Prime Minister, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman gave Winston Churchill his first government[...]
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A Message from the Executive Director: As one of the most challenging years in recent memory comes to a close,[...]

Winston S Churchill

19 May 1927

'I have always been very much struck by the advantage enjoyed by people who lived at an earlier period of the world than one’s own. They had the first opportunity of saying the right thing. Over and over again it has happened to me to think of something which I thought was worth saying, only to find that it had been already exploited, and very often spoiled, before I had an opportunity of saying it.'