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By BRIAN KRAPF This wonderful statue of Winston Churchill is one of my favorite pieces and one of the few[...]
Lord Carrington, 1919–2018
Peter Carington, the 6th Baron Carrington, passed away on July 9. He was the last surviving person to serve in[...]
RAF Centenary 1918–2018
By ROBERT COURTS The Mall leading from Buckingham Palace to Admiralty Arch is alive with red, white, and blue. Union[...]
Kennedy Keynotes Conference
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who announced his retirement from the United States Supreme Court last month, will be the Keynote[...]
The Churchill Documents
Review by RAYMOND CALLAHAN Larry P. Arnn and Martin Gilbert, eds., The Churchill Documents, Volume 20, Normandy and Beyond: May–December[...]
Churchill: Walking with Destiny
Churchill: Walking with Destiny by prize-winning historian Andrew Roberts will be the first major biography of Winston Churchill published since 2001.[...]
Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Leadership Lessons
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 45 Review by David Freeman Lawrence M. Kryske, Churchill without Blood, Sweat, or Tears,[...]
An Oscar for Oldman
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 50 Gary Oldman won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role[...]
Leading Myths – The Castlerosse Affair
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 49 By Piers Brendon The recent Channel 4 documentary “Churchill’s Secret Mistress” asserted, but[...]
Books, Arts, & Curiosities – Sing a Song
Finest Hour 180, Spring 2018 Page 48 Review by David Freeman Don Cusic, Winston Churchill’s Love of Music, Brackish Publishing,[...]
By BRIAN KRAPF This very interesting postcard was printed in Brussels shortly after the end of the Boer War as[...]
The Hinge of Fate
In the spring of 1943, Allied forces completed the process of driving the Axis powers out of Africa. “That’s one[...]
Painting Donated to Fulton
The National Churchill Museum at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri recently received a donation of a painting by Sir Winston[...]
NCLC Speaker Series
The National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) on the campus of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. has rapidly[...]
Sir Nicholas Speaks
Sir Nicholas Soames MP, a grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, will be a featured speaker at the 2018 International Churchill[...]
Finest Hour at Fifty
What is now known as the International Churchill Society came to life in the spring of 1968 when the first[...]

Winston S Churchill

19 May 1927

'I have always been very much struck by the advantage enjoyed by people who lived at an earlier period of the world than one’s own. They had the first opportunity of saying the right thing. Over and over again it has happened to me to think of something which I thought was worth saying, only to find that it had been already exploited, and very often spoiled, before I had an opportunity of saying it.'