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Churchill’s Chart of Achievements

A concise look at the achievements of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill held many government offices during his political career which spanned sixty years. He had a number of failings during this time and a remarkable number of achievements.

(Note: Ministers must be Members of Parliament – MPs)Elected 1900 as a Conservative; in 1904 switched to Liberal PartySuccessThe Story of the Malakand Field Force (1898)
None (1900-1905)SuccessThe River War (1899); Savrola (1899)
(Member of Parliament)London to Ladysmith via Pretoria (1900)
Ian Hamilton’s March (1900)
Mr. Brodick’s Army (1903)
Colonial Under-Secretary 1905-1908Transvaal constitutionSuccessLord Randolph Churchill (1906)
For Free Trade (1906)
President, Board of TradeLabor dispute mediationSuccessMy African Journey (1908)
1908-1910Arbitration courtsMixedLiberalism and the Social Problem (1909)
(out of Parliament 24 Apr 1908 – May 09)Labor ExchangesSuccess
Minimum wageSuccess
Home SecretaryStrike interventionMixedThe People’s Rights (1910)
1910-1911Home rule for IrelandInconclusive
Prison reformMixed
Insurance ActSuccess
Labor and Shop ActsSuccess
First Lord of the AdmiraltyNaval staff reorganizationSuccess
1911-1915Fleet power conversion (coal to oil)Success
Naval Air CorpsSuccess
Ship development projectSuccess
Tank development projectSuccess
Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasterOnly serious duty is to appoint County magistrates; a sinecure.
28 May 1915 – 11 Nov 1915
None (1915-1916)Battalion commander, FranceSuccess
(Member of Parliament)
Minister of MunitionsStreamlining of ministrySuccess
1917-1919Output increasesSuccess
Secretary of State for Air & War 1919-1921Russian interventionFailure
Colonial SecretaryHome Rule for IrelandMixed
1921-1922Middle East reorganizationSuccess
Out of Parliament1924 Returns to Conservative PartyThe World Crisis (vol. 1 & 2/5) (1923)
16 Nov 1922 – 29 Oct 1924
Chancellor of the Exchequer Gold standard restorationFailureThe World Crisis ( vol. 3 & 4/5) (1927-29)
1924-1929Income tax reductionSuccess
Sweeping tax reformFailure
Coal strike mediationFailure
General Strike 1926Mixed
None (1929-1939)Opposed India BillFailureThe World Crisis ( vol. 5/5) (1931)
(Member of Parliament)Campaign for rearmamentFailureMy Early Life: A Roving commission(1930)
“Wilderness Years”Defended Edward VIIIMixedIndia (1931)
Thoughts and Adventures/Amid These Storms (1932)
Marlborough: His Life and Times(1933-38)
Great Contemporaries (1937)
Arms and the Covenant/While England Slept (1938)
First Lord of the Admiralty 1939-1940Norwegian offensiveFailureStep by Step 1936-1939 (1939)
Attacking German FleetSuccess
National BroadcastsSuccess
Prime Minister andMobilized English LanguageSuccessInto Battle/Blood Sweat and Tears(1941)
Minister of DefenceWW2 – vs. Germany/ItalySuccessThe Unrelenting Struggle (1942)
1940-1945WW2 – vs. JapanSuccessThe End of the Beginning (1943)
Opposed Soviet hegemonyFailureOnward to Victory (1944)
Prime Minister 1945Caretaker GovernmentThe Dawn of Liberation (1945)
NoneTory domestic policySuccessSecret Session Speeches (1946)
Leader of the OppositionWarned of Soviet threatSuccessThe Second World War 6 vol. (1948-53)
(1945-1951Supported Labour’s Foreign PolicyMixedSinews of Peace (1948)
Europe Unite (1950)
Prime Minister 1951-1955Cold War mediationFailureIn the Balance (1951); Stemming the Tide (1953)
None 1955-1964Intercedes with Eisenhower over SuezFailureHistory of the English-Speaking Peoples 4 vol. (1956-58); The Unwritten Alliance (1961)
(Member of Parliament)Winston S. Churchill: The Complete Speeches 8 vol. (1974)
The Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill 4 vol. (1975)

*Major initiatives and evaluations compiled by Steven F Hayward, from his book Churchill on Leadership (Rocklin, CA: Prima, 1998). p.24, and Richard M. Langworth, former editor, the International Churchill Society. May be reprinted for educational purposes, but only with attribution to Steven F. Hayward and The International Churchill Society.

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