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The Reawakening of the Sovereign Nation

2020 ‘Inspire Like Churchill’ Essay/Video Contest

by Anton Micallef LL.D., Ph.D. (Lond.)

Not all born from the ashes of War serves Humanity.

COVID19 has succeeded where the ravages of two World Wars have failed.

It has contemporaneously eliminated human touch and shut down the entire world.

It has also appropriated the dubious privilege of dictating the manner in which Houses of Parliament in Great Britain and Congress in the US sit. Hitler’s regime was unable to lay claim to that feat.

In 2020, Europe was as well prepared for an epidemic of the current dimensions as it was armed to affront Nazi forces which swept the continent in 1939.

The lessons of yesterday remain side-lined as the present was lived without any measure given to the concept of variability.

Immutability was the vehicle for change with political correctness as the coach driver.
The recipe to this equation is – each to his own.

EU members locked down their borders and overnight remerged as independent sovereign nations.

Clearly economic ties dissolve swiftly when primal self-preservation is threatened.

Where does this leave the continent? Will it be more of the same?

How does the size, shape and colour of banana cultivation or the packaging of kippers help us now?

Will the battalions of EU memoranda, covering every topic under the sun, churned out in the last half century at a cost greater than the GDP of many countries come to the rescue of humanity?

The wind of irreversible change has cleansed the continent again. Only the agent is different.

But when will the lessons be learnt?

Nationalism is as effective, if not more, a vaccine, as is Regionalism against the devastatingly cruel consequences propagated by unbridled Globalism.

To act singly is to believe that we can achieve.

To act collectively is to achieve what we believe.

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