July 30, 2022

The World of Churchill Collectables: Big Three Postcards


This colorful and creatively drawn set of postcards features caricatures of the “Big Three”: President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Marshal Stalin. While the publisher and country of origin are not specifically identified, Dutch printing on the back of each card is the revealing clue. Additionally, the coarse, crème coloured paper shown here is the type and grade of paper the Dutch used for printing following the liberation of Holland in 1944. At that time the Dutch began manufacturing souvenir items to sell to the soldiers of the allied occupation. These postcards were most likely made there between 1944 and 1945.

In terms of collectability, the Roosevelt and Churchill postcards come to market several times yearly and are not difficult to obtain. The Stalin, however, is seldom found. As a comparison, when porcelain items individually representing the Big Three were manufactured, we know that Churchill was most produced. There were fewer made of Roosevelt and still less of Stalin, making “Uncle Joe“ the scarcest of the three. Manufacturers were careful to make what they thought they could sell. Stalin, although one of the Big Three, was not viewed by Western Europeans as a popular wartime leader, so he was always the least produced of the trio.  The same manufacturing philosophy may also apply to the postcards. 

If you find these postcards in your search for Churchilliana, please make certain to add them to your collection. Individually, they are wonderful items, but having a complete set is very special.  Building the set one card at a time, as I did, is a fun challenge.

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