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Bulletin #156 — Jun 2021

Churchill and Freedom Registration Now Open for 38th Churchill Conference

London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, 7-9 October

Friends and members of the International Churchill Society will gather in person and online this fall for our first ever “hybrid” conference: combining physical events in London with main sessions that will be streamed online to the world. For details and to register, please CLICK HERE. Read More >

Working With Randolph Memories of an Assistant on Official Churchill Biography


Martin Mauthner in the early 1960s helped Randolph Churchill write the official biography of his father Sir Winston Churchill. In this account written for the International Churchill Society, Mauthner recalls a typical “shift” at Stour, Randolph’s country home in East Bergholt, Suffolk.

Because I had grown up in South Africa, Randolph Churchill thought I was qualified to research an exciting chapter in Sir Winston’s early life: his capture by guerrillas and his subsequent daring escape during the Boer War. Randolph also wanted my help in writing about his father’s spell as a junior minister at the Colonial Office, when London negotiated a union intended to reconcile Boer and Briton. We had earlier worked together successfully: I had spent a year under his roof, drafting chapters of his life of Anthony Eden. Read More >

Wings Over Turkey Churchill, Aviation, and the Dardanelles

Sterling Michael Pavelec, Airpower Over Gallipoli, 1915–1916, Naval Institute Press, 2020, 215 pages, £23.42/$40.00. ISBN 978–1612510231

Review by W. Mark Hamilton

With the publication of Airpower Over Gallipoli, 1915–1916, the Naval Institute Press has added another title to its relatively new series, The History of Military Aviation; the first book in the series was published in 2015. Airpower Over Gallipoli aptly fits the purpose of the series, which, according to editor Paul J. Springer, is “to explore previously ignored facets of the history of airpower.” In his book, historian Pavelec has contributed the missing airpower facet to the well-known and lengthy studies of the naval and army actions in the Dardanelles and Gallipoli campaigns. Read More >

Operation Barbarossa 80th Anniversary of German Invasion of Russia

Early on the morning of 22 June 1941, German military forces invaded the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, as the Russian empire was known under its Communist regime. That evening Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke to the House of Commons, which had been forced out of its own traditional home the month before by a German bomb that destroyed the house chamber. Here follow extracts. Read More >

Churchill Style The Art of Being Winston Churchill: D-Day


On the first day of 1944, Winston Churchill issued an instruction about Normandy landing nomenclature to his three Chiefs of Staff. “I hope that all expressions such as ‘Invasion of Europe’ or ‘Assault upon the Fortress of Europe‘ may be eliminated henceforward,” he insisted. “…Our object is the liberation of Europe from German tyranny….There is no need for us to make a present to Hitler of the idea that he is the defender of a Europe we are seeking to invade.” Read More >

Churchilliana The World of Churchill Collectables: Chalkware


In honor of D-Day, 6 June 1944, we have included a pair of Second World War era chalkware statuettes. These depict Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. Monty’s service as D-Day’s Ground Forces Commander-in-Chief was just one of his many wartime duties, titles, and operational roles. Read More >

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