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Bulletin #142 – Apr 2020

Churchill 2020—Latest Update 22–24 Oct. London Conference Still Scheduled

The 2020 International Churchill Conference is still scheduled to go forward as planned, from 22–24 October at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel, and registration remains open. Organizers are regularly monitoring developments and we will continue to keep you informed as we move forward. For information about conference and hotel registration, please CLICK HERE. For the conference, you will have the option of paying in $USD or £UK. Read More >

Portraits de Churchill French Graphic Biography Now in English


Vincent Delmas and Christophe Regnault (text), Alessio Cammardella and Alessia Nocera (drawings), François Kersaudy (historical commentary), Andrew Roberts (foreword), Churchill: A Graphic Biography, Dead Reckoning, 2020, 112 pages, $19.95. ISBN 978–1784385125.

Readers of Finest Hour may recall The Happy Warrior, the splendid 1958 comic-book depiction of the life of Sir Winston Churchill. In his introduction to the 2008 Levenger Press edition of the book, Richard Langworth wrote: “It’s unlikely that today anyone would publish a comic commemorating, in purely hagiographic terms, any real-life leader, even Churchill.” Ten years later, however, a French publisher did just that—and did it well. The French edition has now been translated into English and includes a foreword by Andrew Roberts. Read More >

Churchill Style The Art of Being Winston Churchill: Impatient Patient


The month after Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940, a doctor was chosen to “keep an eye” on the war leader’s health. The physician was a general practitioner named Charles Wilson, who later became Lord Moran. Wilson first presented himself at Admiralty House, where Churchill was still living before moving into Downing Street. Read More >

Churchilliana Churchill Collectables: Second World War-era Pillow


Keeping comfortable at home these days surely involves the use of pillows. During the Second World War, souvenir pillow covers made of nylon were manufactured for soldiers, airmen, and sailors to purchase for wives, sweethearts, mothers, and sisters. These covers resembled silk and were emblazoned with the symbol of the sender’s particular service branch or the name of the military base where he served, whether domestic or in theatre. Read More >

The Splendid and the Vile We Talk Churchill with Best-selling author Erik Larson

Erik Larson’s latest book The Splendid and the Vile focuses on Winston Churchill’s first year as prime minister from 1940 to 1941, the period when things were darkest for Britain during the Second World War. The book went straight to the top of the New York Times bestseller list when it published in the United States in February, and it publishes this month in the United Kingdom. The Churchill Bulletin recently sat down with Larson to discuss what has become a very timely topic. Read More >

Keep Calm and KBO Churchill in the time of COVID-19

In times of trouble and uncertainty, people continue to look to the words and example of Sir Winston Churchill for inspiration and guidance. In Britain, measures have now been taken unlike anything that has happened since the Second World War, and there is much discussion about how today’s world leaders are measuring up during the present crisis to the example of Churchill—the gold standard for crisis leadership. Read More >

Beacon of Resilience Message from Fulton

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