March 2, 2020


Last month we looked an artifact from Churchill’s 1946 “Iron Curtain” speech. Such events were eagerly anticipated, and it was once a common practice to commission in advance buttons and badges for distribution at the event. This tradition has now diminished and given way to cheaper alternatives like stickers, but buttons and badges used to be a mainstay at American political or cultural events.

The “Iron Curtain” speech was certainly significant and had its own badge produced for the March 5, 1946 event. The badge pictured here is the only design known to have been produced. It measures two inches in diameter and was made in Missouri by the prominent St. Louis Button Company. Since the badge was to be worn for solely a one day event, it was produced in limited quantities. Consequently the badges have become rare and highly sought after when they infrequently appear on the market.

Brian Krapf formerly served as President of the American Political Items Collectors.

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