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Bulletin #139 – Jan 2020

Churchill 2020 Save the Date: 22–24 October in London

The 37th International Churchill Conference will take place in London at the Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square on 22–24 October. This will be the first conference to take place in the United Kingdom since 2015, and we can expect this year’s program will be of the highest level. Registration and hotel reservation information will be provided in the coming months, but be sure to block out the dates now for a conference you will not want to miss. Read More >

When the Lion Still Roared 22nd Volume of Churchill Documents Packs a Punch


Martin Gilbert and Larry P. Arnn, eds., The Churchill Documents, volume 22, Leader of the Opposition, August 1945 to October 1951, Hillsdale College Press, 2019, 2328 pages, $60. ISBN 978–0916308407

With hindsight, the years 1945–51 seem like an interlude between Winston Churchill’s two premierships, while Clement Attlee and the Labour party held power. But Churchill had a remarkable capacity for making history out of office, as well as in office. What might be termed his second wilderness years are a case in point—as this latest volume of documents vividly shows. Read More >

Churchill’s Man in Hollywood


Churchill and the Movie Mogul, a documentary film by John Fleet, January Pictures, 2019, 60 minutes.

Winston Churchill loved movies, and for about fifty years now movies have loved Winston Churchill. He has been portrayed by many of the cinema’s biggest stars on both film and television. John Lithgow’ portrayal in season one of The Crown proved so popular that he has now been brought back by popular demand to reprise the role in the first episode of season three even though this has required some ahistorical contrivance to accomplish. Read More >

Churchilliana Churchill Collectables: Liberation of Belgium badge


This beautiful wartime oval badge is two inches in diameter. It is made of brass, with a paper insert covered by a celluloid sheath. The badge was made to commemorate the liberation of Belgium, which began 2 September 1944. It features Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Charles DeGaulle, who is still noted as leader of the Free French. The four are noted to be the “saviours of the world.” Read More >

Churchill Style The Art of Being Winston Churchill: Childhood Pastimes


While at school in Brighton, young Winston discovered concerts, pantomimes, and dancing (“I am learning dancing now and like it very much indeed”). He was taught cricket and began to play but preferred to ride horses. He also studied piano but begged to be allowed to learn the cello or the violin instead. Read More >

The Art of Winston Churchill New Exhibit at the Hilliard University Art Museum

The University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Exhibition Dates: January 17, 2020 – March 21, 2020

History has painted a portrait of Winston Churchill as an ambitious, confident, bold, brash, and sometimes flawed man. Volumes have been written about Churchill, the confident statesman who led the British during the Second World War and inspired a nation during its finest hour. There remains, however, another picture to be painted of Sir Winston Churchill: the portrait of Churchill as an artist.

‘The Art of Sir Winston Churchill” offers a unique opportunity to view paintings by the renown British statesman rarely seen in North America. The exhibition is organized by America’s National Churchill Museum at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri and is presented at the Hilliard Museum in Lafayette, Louisiana in honor of founding donor, Paul Hilliard, with support from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette Foundation, Badger Oil, and media sponsorship from The Advocate.

A special preview of the exhibition will be held on Thursday, January 16, 2020. Tickets ($500/person) for “A Night to Honor Paul Hilliard” are available at Paul Hilliard is a WWII Veteran, founding donor of our museum, and chair of the board of directors at the National World War II Museum.

In conjunction with this exhibition “Churchill in Conflict and Culture,” a half-day symposium, will be presented in partnership with the National WWII Museum, and will take place on Friday, January 17, 2020. Beginning at 8:30am, this symposium will feature talks from numerous experts in the fields of History and Art History, and will offer an in-depth perspective into the life and times of statesman and artist Sir Winston Churchill. This event will be held at the LITE Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, located at 537 Cajundome Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70504. This event will be free of charge, and open to the public.

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