March 28, 2019

On March 19, the National Churchill Library and Center on the campus of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. welcomed a distinguished panel of guests to discuss the past, present, and future of Brexit, the UK, and the EU. British Deputy Ambassador to the United States Michael Tatham provided insight into the current stance of 10 Downing Street and advised that “to be successful with Brexit, we have to be resolutely forward thinking.”

Amanda Sloat of the Brookings Institution provided a different view. The discussion touched upon the intricacies of dealing with UK/Irish relations since the Good Friday Agreement and what Brexit might mean for Ireland’s future.

Moderator Richard Aldous, Eugene Meyer Professor of British History and Literature at Bard College, conversed with Dane Kennedy, George Washington University Elmer Louis Kayser Professor of History and International Affairs, if Brexit was a case of “the Empire strikes back.”

This highlighted the complexity of Brexit, specifically the myriad concerns needed to be taken into consideration when crafting a resolution.

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To watch the complete one-hour video of the panel, please CLICK HERE.

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