February 11, 2018


When Victory in Europe Day was announced on 8 May 1945, manufacturers quickly began production for the multi-day celebrations that followed. The results included cloth banners by textile manufacturers in Wembley. At the onset, many people made their own celebratory pieces, including hand decorated mugs and beakers, clothing, hats, and posters. More commercially made items were quickly mass produced as soon as the manufacturers were able. Later, more patriotic VE-Day items were manufactured for the 1946 one year anniversary celebrations.

These banners separately feature the Big Three and are comprised of block painted images on oil cloth. They each measure approximately four feet in length—too small to hand across a street, but the perfect size for displaying out of windows across the front of a building. While they are wonderful historical survivors, it is apparent that they were quickly manufactured for distribution, making one believe that they were prepared shortly after victory was declared.

Brian Krapf formerly served as President of the American Political Items Collectors.

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