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Bulletin #106 – Apr 2017

Big Doings in the Big Apple 2017 International Churchill Conference, 10–12 Oct.

The International Churchill Society is pleased to announce that early registration is now open for the 34th International Churchill Conference, which will take place at the J. W. Marriott Essex House in New York City next October 10, 11, and 12.  Follow this link to register today.

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Churchill Weekend 2017 Historian Jon Meacham Delivers Annual Lecture

Eight prominent leaders, including former MTV Chairman and CEO William Roedy, Gen. David H. Petraeus and Westminster College President Benjamin Ola. Akande were inducted into the Association of Churchill Fellows at Westminster College on April 1. Following the induction ceremony, author and historian Jon Meacham delivered the National Churchill Museum’s annual Enid and R. Crosby Kemper Lecture. View the induction ceremony and Jon Meacham’s Lecture. Read More >

Musharraf Speaks at Churchill Former Pakistani President Hosted by NCLC in Washington

Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan from 2001–08, visited Washington D. C. in April and was interviewed for ninety minutes on television at the National Churchill Library and Center on the campus of The George Washington University. International Churchill Society Executive Director Michael F. Bishop interviewed the former president, who was also a four-star general in the army of Pakistan. Watch the entire video hereRead More >

The Seat of Power Peering into Churchill's War Rooms

Jonathan Asbury, Secrets of Churchill’s War Rooms, Imperial War Museum, 2016, 224 pages, £30/$45. ISBN: 978–1904897491


Visiting the Churchill War Rooms is a powerful experience. The secrecy, urgency, and importance housed within the walls immediately surround and intoxicate your senses. Solemnly pacing the halls, peering into the map room, and perusing the exhibits give you a feeling of immense historical importance. You can almost smell wafts of Churchill’s cigar smoke as you contemplate how he and others like General Brooke and General Ismay directed the war. Replicating that experience with a book might prove a difficult task. Jonathan Asbury’s Secrets of Churchill’s War Rooms, however, does so with aplomb. Published by the Imperial War Museum, the book provides an informative and engaging account of life in Churchill’s bunker.

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OVER THERE! Centenary of US Entry into the First World War


American historians will perhaps be somewhat lengthy in explaining to posterity exactly why the United States entered the Great War on April 6, 1917, and why they did not enter at an earlier moment. American ships had been sunk before by German submarines; as many American lives were lost in the Lusitania as in all five American ships whose sinking immediately preceded the declaration of war. As for the general cause of the Allies, if it was good in 1917 was it not equally good in 1914? There were plenty of reasons of high policy for staying out in 1917 after waiting so long.

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Churchilliana Churchill Collectables: 1940 Lawton Figurals


This pair of porcelain figural busts of Churchill and Roosevelt was made in 1940 by Lawton. Both stand four inches tall and are very well executed. Each commemorates a different pivotal event for that year. The Churchill commemorates the Battle of Britain. The Roosevelt commemorates Lend Lease. Although Lend Lease was not signed into law until February 1941, FDR had declared America the “Arsenal of Democracy” in December 1940, so the issue was very much at the forefront.

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