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Finest Hour 162: Winston is Back!

Churchill Busts Into DC: Scholars Bust Munich Myths: HRH Collects Bust

FH_162Finest Hour number 162 (spring 2014) contains coverage of two of The Churchill Centre’s most memorable events as well as some of its most important scholarship. The cover depicts the Churchill bust by sculptor Oscar Nemon presented to the United States Congress last October. Inside is full coverage of the historic event including the full text of the remarks by Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames MP, who spoke on behalf of the family to a gathering of congressional leaders and invited guests. To become a member of The Churchill Centre and receive copies of Finest Hour, please CLICK HERE.

Only weeks later The Churchill Centre (UK) presented the Sir Winston Churchill Award to HRH the Prince of Wales. The remarks of former Prime Minister Sir John Major, printed in full, describe why Prince Charles especially deserved the award. The Prince’s acceptance is reported by Churchill Archive Centre Director Allen Packwood.

The Munich Agreement and its ramifications are the subject of two major assessments. These articles by Williamson Murray and Michael McMenamin leave little room for the agument the Britain benefitted in any way from the betrayal of Czechoslovakia while illustrating how Hitler was undoubtedly strengthened militarily.

In addition to the usual array of additional information and book reviews, Fred Glueckstein looks at “When Churchill Kissed the Blarney Stone.”

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