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Forthcoming in Finest Hour, Autumn 2013

Theme of the Issue: Gadflies, Gods and Presidents

FH160p1_copyFinest Hour No. 160 features a cover story by Ronald Cohen, who has put together a comprehensive bibliography of Churchill’s one and only novel Savrola: A Tale of the Revolution in Laurania.  The color illustrations of some of the book’s many editions that accompany the text indicate that Churchill had little success in his subsequent efforts to dissuade people from reading it. Elsewhere, Richard M. Langworth tackles the leading myth that “Churchill First Advocated Use of Lethal Gas” while there is a triptych of articles discussing Churchill’s dealings with three US presidents: Wilson, Hoover and FDR.  Justin Lyons looks at “Winston Churchill’s Critique of Woodrow Wilson”, and Dantan Wernecke describes “Herbert Hoover’s Critique of Winston Churchill.”  Finally, June Hopkins writes about her grandfather Harry in “Churchill & Hopkins: ‘The Main Prop and Animator of Roosevelt Himself.'”

In addition to the usual array of book reviews, questions answered and survey of events, Finest Hour No. 160 presents the results of two different student competitions that produced highly-impressive work based on the study of Winston Churchill.  Allen Packwood, Keeper of the Churchill Archive Centre, introducers readers to the winners of the 2013 Pentland Churchill Design Competion.  “How Winston Churchill Helped Develop the Tank” is a collage of photos and facts assembled by Weston Stores, an 8th grade student in Texas.

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