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Bulletin #63 – Sep 2013

Publisher: Lee Pollock, Executive Director of The Churchill CentreEditor: David Freeman, Ph.D.

30th Annual Churchill Conference Fast Approaches

Program Now Finalized For November Gathering in Washington, D.C.

DCCapitol3Join the Washington-by-Night TourThere is still time to register for the conference that begins Thursday, October 31 at the Park Hyatt Hotel with conference sessions taking place on Friday & Saturday, 1-2 November on the campus of The George Washington University.  The concluding Black Tie Gala Dinner will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel located directly across from the conference hotel.  David Eisenhower will be the Key Note Speaker.  Other speakers include Jean Edward Smith, Elizabeth Edwards Spalding and Raymond Callahan. Click link for registration details: Read More >

Churchill & Mackenzie King: So Similar, So Different

Terry Reardon Discusses His New Study of the Two Prime Ministers

Churchill_KingClick on Image to see VideoLong-time Churchill Centre member and Finest Hour contributor Terry Reardon discussed his new book on Ontario Public Television’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin in a two-part interview that surveyed the 50 year relationship between the British and Canadian prime ministers.  In the first part, Terry talks about the first meeting between Churchill and Mackenzie King in 1900 and continues up to the point that Churchill became prime minister in 1940.  During this period the two men seldom saw eye-to-eye.  Mackenzie King supported Chamberlain’s appeasement policies and discounted the possibility of war with Germany right up to the outbreak of hostilities.  In the second part of the interview Terry discusses the war years when the British and Canadian leaders worked together.  He credits Mackenzie King for the decision to take Canada into the war straight away.  This point cannot be overemphasized as Canada’s contribution to the war in terms of men, money and material was vital.  To View Video of Terry discussing his book CLICK HERE. Read More >

Meet the Churchill Book Dealers [Part 1 of 3]

Introducing Those Who Specialize in the Sale of Churchill’s Books:
The Churchill Book Collector: San Diego, CA & Edmonton, Alberta

ChurchillbookcollectorMarc Kuritz: The Churchill Book Collector
Holds Possibly Unique Paperback Copy of
Liberalism and the Social Problem 
This month the Chartwell Bulletin begins a three-part series profiling rare-book dealers who specialize in the works of Winston Churchill. We sat down with Marc Kuritz of San Diego, California who partners with Paul Shelley of Edmonton, Alberta to ask a few questions about the trade.

CB:  Who are you?

MK: We specialize in books and other published works by and about Sir Winston Churchill, featuring an extensive inventory of first and collectable editions and signed and inscribed material, as well as reading copies. Read More >

HESP Reconsidered

Churchill’s History of the English-Speaking Peoples Reveals Much

HESPChurchill’s last major work proved to be one of his best-selling.  Published over the years 1956-58 when Churchill was at the height of his post-war fame, the four volumes had enormous print runs and first editions can still be easily found, although not so easily for sets in top condition. “The critical reception at the time,” Peter Clarke notes in his recent study of Churchill’s writing career, “was, in a word, uncritical.”  The octogenarian author, however, was still shrewd enough to dismiss this as “pages of unending flattery.”  Inevitably, revisionist assessments took a sterner view seeing the books as too Anglo-centric and leaving out the socio-economic dynamics so beloved of modern scholars.  Yet Clement Attlee may have said more than he knew when he quipped the work should have been titled Things in History Which Interested Me.  For to understand the importance of the History, the reader must focus precisely on what Churchill did include. Read More >

Churchills Storm the Isle of Wight

Family Members Gather to Commemorate 140th Anniversary of First Meeting Between Lord Randolph Churchill and Jennie Jerome

Churchills_at_OsborneChurchill Family at Osborne HouseSeveral members of the Churchill family gathered at Cowes in August to mark the anniversary of the first meeting between Winston Churchill’s parents.  Jennie Jerome was just nineteen when she met Lord Randolph, the twenty-three year old younger son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough on 12 August 1873.  The venue was the cruiser HMS Ariadne, which was hosting an afternoon ball. Jennie’s father Leonard Jerome had set up his family on the Isle of Wight that summer, a venue with which he had some history.  Jerome’s ancestors had sailed from the island to emigrate to America, and in 1866 he had helped organize the first international trans-Atlantic yacht race with the finish in Cowes.  The winner was a boat upon which Jerome had placed a handsome wager. Read More >

History’s Most Inspiring Speaker? Guess Who?

Churchill Outpolls the Field Including MLK, Jr. and JFK

Churchill_at_deskThe Winner and Still ChampionLondon: To mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech on 28 August, The Independent on Sunday asked readers to compare King with eight other speakers from the last fifty years. Churchill came top of the list with 39% believing he was “more inspiring” than King.  King himself placed second and John F. Kennedy third. Margaret Thatcher, whose speeches were much replayed at the time of her death last April, rounded out the top four. Read More >

Chartwell Activities: Painting, Landscaping & More News and events From Sir Winston's beloved country house

Chartwell-HDR8001On Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 September, Churchill’s home in Westerham, Kent hosts a two-day event exploring how the landscape of Chartwell provided a source of mental and spiritual refreshment before and during the war.  David Coombs, the author of Sir Winston Churchill’s Life Through His Paintings, will discuss how Churchill came to take up the brush and the important artists and events that inspired him. Stephan Buczacki, author of Churchill and Chartwell, will reveal how Churchill changed the landscape of Chartwell to reflect his vision and to provide a place of solace and respite during the wilderness years.

Read More >

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