March 7, 2013

Spring 2013 Issue Theme:  Churchill, Leadership and the War

ev.owaIn Finest Hour issue no. 158 due out in mid-April, several scholars anaylyze Churchill’s style of leadership.  Justin Lyons finds the antecedants of Churchillian qualities in Classical Greece.  Raymond Callahan examines Churchill’s attitude towards the Indian Army.  Fred Glueckstein shows how Churchill the historian reached back 570 years to provide leadership in a vital area during the Second World War.   Additionally, there are quick illustrations of Churchill-the-leader in action provided by a group disparatate enough to include David Niven, Sir Edward Heath, Prof. Arthur Schlesinger, Jr and Cecil Beaton.   If you are not a registered member of the The Churchill Centre and would like to receive copies of Finest Hour as well as invitations to local and international events, please click here

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