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New Pathé News Archive Is Treasure Trove of Churchill Film

Archive features WSC as one of the great figures of the last century. 

Pathé News, one of the world’s oldest and largest repositories of vintage news footage, recently unveiled a new online archive featuring 3,500 hours of video content. (That is, almost half a year of viewing, 24 hours a day!) As one of the 20th century’s most widely reported figures, Winston Churchill is featured prominently.

A search of the website brings up hundreds of fascinating Churchill items, including studio speeches, political appearances and wartime tours. Samples include:

  • Winston Churchill Attends Army Maneuvers (1927)
  • Churchill in the Middle East (1943)
  • Churchill’s Election Statement (1945)
  • Churchill on Top of the Empire State Building as Guest of Al Smith (1932)
  • Randolph Churchill’s Wedding (1939)
  • Churchill in Ottawa (1941)
  • Churchill, Stalin, Eden & Molotov in Moscow (1944)

One of the earliest items, dated 1924, is headlined “Winston Loses by 45 Votes”. The films can be viewed online at no charge and saveable downloads can be purchased. Still photos are included and each film is accompanied by notes identifying the date, place and featured personalities.

British Pathé began producing the bi-weekly Gazette newsreels in 1910 and accumulated over 90,000 items by the time production came to an end in 1970. Material from the site has been used extensively around the world in television programs, advertisements, corporate productions and, most recently, in web publishing.

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